The Money Manual: A Practical Money Guide to Help You Succeed On Your Financial Journey


From shopping sprees to pension plans, ISAs to investments, money plays a crucial role in your wellbeing. No matter what your situation, we believe everyone could do with a little helping hand on the basics of good money management.

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Tonya Rapley’s “The Money Manual” is an ideal place to start for millennials who want to invest, but aren’t sure where to start—or for those who aren’t sure what to do with their money, period. Among the topics covered are simple money management techniques, setting financial goals, improving and building credit, and even how to tackle student loan debt. Rapley is the founder of My Fab Finance and has appeared on Forbes, U.S. News, New York Daily News, Refinery29, Vogue, and more.

Our essential Money Manual offers handy tips and advice on key areas, including planning for the future, the best savings options for you and your needs, how to recognise and tackle debt, understanding financial products, as well as the ins and outs of everyday money.

With a bit of know-how and the confidence to put it into practice, we believe everyone has the ability to be on top of their money. Just one read through and you’ll be in a better position to start sorting your finances out for good, transforming them from a concern into a shortcut to achieving your goals!

The Money Manual is produced and written by The Money Charity, the UK’s Financial Capability charity.


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